Tumpernes Manifest
Should the simpletons save the world, since the eggheads won't ?
   Klods Hans
- On technology, democracy, and sustainability
Published by Network for Ecological Education and Practice - Denmark


The Kolding Manifesto
The Kolding Manifesto - Introduction
We consider the following to be self-evident facts:

The solutions exist
Problems come in lumps - and so do solutions
The simpleton manifesto
And who are these simpletons?

Viable technology
The Democracy Project & The Enlightenment Project
Features of a viable technology
Viable technology implies a rich knowledge and organisation structure
Viable technology generates meaningful culture
- Horsecart and/or tractor?

Responsible economics
Some thrive on destruction
Irresponsible - and responsible money
Two modes of growth
The winner - not always the best man
Societal contracts versus competition

The democratic bottom and the mafiose top
Criteria of a reasonable technology development strategy

- Children
- Adults
- Retreat

Global enlightenment, development, and democracy
A political two-way ticket
Free us from over-exertion
To the simpletons all the power!

The Kolding Manifesto was first published as part of the Danish Newsletter Eco-net no. 23, February 1998

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