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- an introduction to Network for Ecological Education and Practice & Eco-net Newsletter Eco-net Newsletter

The "Network for Ecological Education and Practice" publishes the newsletter Eco-net Newsletter in Denmark.

The "Eco-net Newsletter" brings ideas, inspiration and information about ecology, nature and the environment - meant for people working with enlightenment of the people in Denmark, and for everybody else who are interested in these matters. The primary purpose of the newsletter is to form an easily accessible general view of different initiatives taken in the fields of environment and ecology, to be used by all educators, people working with enlightenment of the people, NGO-workers and public and private people. The newsletter tries to reach out and establishes connections between projects and people, and brings addresses, phone-numbers, e-mail- & www-addresses of the projects mentioned. Eco-net Newsletter is published ordinarily  6 times a year, and comes with 4 pages (sometimes expanded to 8 pages). The number printed is 10,000 and the newsletter is distributed to 8,000 places including schools, organisations, individuals etc. Membership of the Network including "Eco-net Newsletter" costs 100,- DKK a year.

For the last four years, the Eco-net Newsletter has been financially supported by "The Green Fund" established by the danish Ministry for Environment and Energy.

Network, ecology and education

"Network for Ecological Education and Practice" was founded on january 21st 1994, with the object to establish a foundation for information, exchange of experience and dialogue about initiatives in promoting a sustainable development in Denmark. This is done by informing about meetings, courses etc., and by establishing connections between projects and people.

Every year in january the Network holds a meeting - Seminar and Annual meeting that incites a dialogue about environmental issues and sustainability in the society. On the meetings connections are established, and a lot of the participants take the opportunity of presenting projects and ideas. These meetings are carried out during a weekend in full respect of ecological ideas - e.g. the food is 100% organic, and the participants receive address-lists to encourage shared means of transport. The number of participants at these meetings have been between 150 and 200, and they all share a memorable weekend culminating in the saturday evening's galla-dinner and party with live music and dance.

At the annual meeting the general meeting sets up the committee who decides on the general activities. The committee is responsible of employing a leader for the operation of the secretariat. The Network is financed by subscriptions and funds.

In addition the Network holds other meetings with specific objects - e.g. the meeting "Should the dullard save the world - when the wise will not" became the starting signal for the "Kolding Manifesto", which again was discussed at a follow-up-meeting entitled "Action, Vision and Network".

The Network is a member of "Danish Council for Adult Education" who has 39 different organisations as members. The Council has established an Internet-server, on which you can find the homepages of the 39 members. The Internet-server also hosts of the Network's web-site.

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